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List of publications

9"The large-scale interaction between short GRB jets and disk outflows from NSNS and BHNS merger " (pdf)

         Urrutia G., Janiuk, A., Hossein-Nouri, F.,  & James, B., 2024, Preprint Arxiv:2401.10094

8"Following the jet interaction with a post-merger disk outflow" (pdf)

         Urrutia G., & Janiuk, A., 2024, Conference Proceeding

7"Numerical GR MHD simulations of the post-merger system with a composition-dependent equation state " (pdf)

         Janiuk, A., & Urrutia G., 2024, Conference Proceeding

6"Numerical Simulations of polarization in gamma-ray bursts afterglows " (pdf)

         Medina-Covarrubias, R., De Colle, F., Urrutia G., & Vargas, F., 2023, MNRAS, 523, 4583-4592

5"Gravitational Waves from Long-Gamma Ray Bursts and Supernovae" (pdf)

         Urrutia, G., De Colle, F., Moreno C. & Zanolin, M. 2022, MNRAS, 518, 5242-5252

4"Three-dimensional numerical simulations of structured GRB jets" (pdf)

         Urrutia, G., De Colle, F., & López-Cámara, D. 2022, MNRAS, 518, 5145-5153

3.  "What determines the structure of short gamma-ray burst jets?" (pdf)

         Urrutia, G., De Colle, F., Murguia-Berthier, A. & Ramirez-Ruiz, E. 2021, MNRAS, 503, 4363–4371

2.  "Numerical Simulations of an Initially Top-Hat Jet & the Afterglow of GW170817/GRB170817A" (pdf)

          Gill, R., Granot, J., De Colle, F., Urrutia, G.  2019,  ApJ, 883, 15 (8 pages)

1.  "Theoretical high energy physcis in Latin America from 1990 to 2012: a statistical study" (pdf)

          Urrutia, G., Prado, L., & Bietenholz, W. 2018, Scientometrics, 116, 125–146



3.  Doctoral: "Numerical Simulations of structured Short/Long GRBs and their emission" (pdf, english version)

2.  Master: "The angular structure of Gamma Ray Bursts" (pdf , Spanish version)

1.  Bachelor: "Theoretical high energy physics in Latin America from 1990 to 2012" (pdf, Spanish version)