Finally, I can be writing

Writing is one of the things that I enjoy. Sometimes, starting to write something could be a little tedious, like a piano or dancing lessons. However, after some lessons, you start to enjoy it. 

Several months ago, I was thinking about starting to write. But, non-scientific reports, notwithstanding, I like the science. Occasionally, I want to write different things. 

A few months ago, I left Mexico City. I lived in Mexico City for 15 years. When I was carrying my things and suitcases, I found many books, even though some of them were not read. Some music discs that I did not listen to with focus. I have many histories that tell me, “We have to see the light !”

Now, I am feeling ready, in front of my desk, in my little studio, in a beautiful new city. 

Gerardo Urrutia

Warsaw, Poland, 15th May 2023.