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Gerardo Urrutia-Sánchez

PhD student (Astrophysics)

Mexico City

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Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).

Office: C-109


I am a PhD student at the Graduate Program in Astrophysics UNAM, Mexico. Actuality, my project is about Short Gamma Ray Bursts (sGRBs) know as electromagnetic counterparts of neutron star mergers. My research interests are focused to numerical simulations of relativistic hydrodynamic in order to explain the electromagnetic radiation from GRB emission (or high energy transients). My supervisor is Dr. Fabio De Colle in Department of Plasma Physics, Nuclear Science Institute, UNAM, Mexico.

I love the science! and eventually attend some talks of another research areas by a simple curiosity pleasure. I like the statistics models (any areas), paleontology and evolution of extinct animals, my strange favorite theory of physics is loop quantum gravity, my favorite object is the sun (because contains every laws of physics) and favorite animals are the raccoons.

On free times play the guitar and prove electric effects with synthesizer emulators, also try to write short histories (somethings here) and invent my personal songs. My favorite rock bands are Interpol (NY) and the representative indie rock between 2002-2007 ... also preffer classical rock like Deep Purple and Pink Floyd.

My favorite writers are latin-american: Rafael Bernal (MEX, dark humor), Jorge Luis Borges (ARG), Jorge Ibargüengoitia (MEX), Juan Rulfo (MEX) and Gabriel García Marquéz (COL). Classical music I prefer baroque era like Bach and Händel.

I drink a lot of coffee and I love much to eat!, in Mexico our gastronomy is fantastic, however its interesting to known new eats.

When I'm traveling, I see the throw the window more time, and more time ...

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